Research Scholars

Name Discipline Research Area/Topic
Abhilasha Gusain English Trauma, Memory, and Alternate History: Outlining the Graphic Response in select graphic narratives on the Vietnam War
Abinsha Joseph English Cityscapes in Indian Graphic Novels
Akshi Bajaj Economics Grounwater markets and Institutional Governance: A Study of Fam Sector of Western Uttar Pradesh
Amal Tom English English Language Teaching
Ameet Kumar Sociology Sociology of Development
Amit Shivaji Shinde Psychology Positive psychology, Organizational behavior, Trauma and Growth
Amit Singh Sociology Culture of Militarism and its Impact on Everyday Life in Jammu and Kashmir
Amritha R Krishnan English Health Humanities/ Graphic medicine and chronic illness narratives
Anirudh Shastri Shidganesh Psychology Military to Civil Transition, Coping, Subjective Well-being
Anisha E. Psychology Positive Psychology/ Organisation Behaviour
Ankit Maurya Psychology Time Perception
Ankit Raj English Myths and Archetypes in Kurt Vonnegut's Fiction
Antara Biswas English Gender Studies
Antehun Atanaw Mengistu English The Practice of Teaching English Language through Literary Texts at Secondary Schools in Ethiopia
Arun Kumar Yadav English Rethinking the Socio-Cultural Identity of Santhal Adivasi through the Idea of Power and Hegemony in Select writings of H.S. Shekhar and Rejina Marandi
Ashish Murmu English Graphic Novels
Deepabali Bhattacharjee Economics Investigating Out-of-Pocket Expenditure with reference to Information Differentials and Lemons in Health Care: Case of Select Regions of Assam.
Devashish Mishra English Exploration of the Concepts of Time and Space in the novels of Upamanyu Chatterjee
Dhananjay Kumar Rai Economics International economics
Dhanya V Sankar English Recontextualizing Transcultural Memory and Memory Sovereignty of BAME writers
Dinesh Kumar Psychology Role of Court Culture on Court Performance in Subordinate Courts
Elisa Mohanty Sociology Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D)
Fahimuddin Ahmad Economics Health Vulnerability Among Elderly
Galina Rana Economics Economics of Climate Change
Garima Bhandari Sociology Sociology of Migration (Sociological Analysis of Reverse Migration in Uttrakhand)
Ghulam Rabani English Post colonial fiction
Himangi Priya English Health Humanities
Hiranmayakaparthi R Psychology Organisational Behavior
Ivy Roy Sarkar English The Socio-Spatial Matrix in the Select Novels of Easterine Kire
Jakir Hussain Mazumder Economics Development Economics
Jaseel P English Literature as Performative: Event, Alterity and the Ethics of Dialogue in Literary Criticism
Jatinder Singh Economics Health Economics
Jaya Shukla Psychology Academic Emotion and Knowledge Exploration
Kamal Barman English Transgender Studies
Khushboo Verma English War Crimes Against Women during WWII
Komal Sajwan Economics Agriculture Economics
Kumari Ruchi English Queer Theory
Kunal Debnath English Popular Culture (Comics Studies)
Madhav Dubey English Graphic Narratives
Manoj Rajbanshi English Dystopian Literature
Mayank Mishra Economics Social Capital, Risk Attitude, and Economic Viability of Organic Farming : A Farm Level Analysis in Rajasthan
Md Wasim Raza English Indian Writing in English
Meenakshi English Deconstructing Mythology: A Feminist Revisionist Analysis of Kavita Kane's Select novels
Mhasileno Peseyie English Naga Folk Literature
Milind Kumar Yadav Economics Health Economics
Mukesh Kumar Economics Maternal and Child Nutrition in India and Utilisation of ICDS
Nancy Sharma English Gender and Cultural Studies
Nikhitha Mary Mathew English Indian Emergency Fiction
Nikita Soni Economics Wage Inequality in Indian Manufacturing Sector: Impact of Education and Technology
Nirmal Singh Economics Institutional quality, market structure and bank stability in the Indian subcontinent region
Nobonita Rakshit English South-Asian Environmental Criticism
Padm Nabh Trivedi English Towards Macrocosmic Holism: A Study of the Bhagavad-Gita, Naess’s Deep Ecology and Ecosophy T.
Pallavi Gupta Economics Unpaid Care work and Labour Market Participation among Women in India:Trends and Determinants
Pragya Taneja Economics Health Economics
Prerna Thapliyal Economics Efficiency and productivity analysis
Pritikana Karmakar English Futures and the Disease Continuum in Pandemic Fiction
Priya Economics Assessment of Agricultural Sustainability in Punjab: Factors and Farmers’ Perspective
Priyadarshini Mishra English Longing for Belonging: A Study of Select Fictions on Transnational Commercial Gestational Surrogacy
Radhika Sharma English Enabling the Disabled: A Literary Study of Disability in the Select Indian Novels
Rahul V English Toxicity and Literature
Rajbir Samal English Food Studies
Rangnath Thakur English Mahatma Gandhi and Frantz Fanon Under The Discourse Of Postcolonialism
Richa Economics Climate Change Induced Migration: An Evidence Based Study in the Select Districts of North Bihar
Rishika Tomar Economics Gender and Development Economics
Rohit Khajuria Sociology Conflict and Forced Migration:A study of Rohingyas settled in Jammu
Rukmani Mahala Economics Spatial efficiency differences, learning outcomes and ICT usage in school education in Odisha
Sahil Bhatia Economics Groundwater Productivity & Efficiency in Punjab Agriculture: Irrigation Advancements, Agronomic Interventions and Incentives
Sakshi Semwal English Contextualizing Magical Realism: A Postcolonial Study of Select Indian Novels
Samar Tyagi Economics Climate Change Impact and Adaptation practices in the Himalayan Region: A case study of Uttarakhand
Sandeep Kumar Economics Efficiency and Productivity Analysis
Sangjuta Roy English Transcultural memory in South Asian and Middle Eastern migration literature
Shailesh Kumar Economics Impact of Food and Energy Consumption on Ecological Footprint: An Interstate Analysis in India
Sharmili Mitra Psychology Fear Generalization and its Modulation
Shashi Kant Sharma Economics Industry Performance, Behavioural Issues and Government Policies: What Explains Health Insurance Consumption?
Sheetal Yadav English Literary Depictions of Suffering and Violence: A Feminist Analysis of the Indian Rape Culture through Select Novels
Shivalika Agarwal English Psychoanalysis
Shohib Bashir English Medical Humanities
Shruti Shuvam Economics Essays on Interlinkages among Women Informal Entrepreneurs, Empowerment and Social Capital
Shubham Sharma Economics Solid Waste Management and the Environment
Snigdha Subhrasmita English “Ending Silences, Speaking Truths”: Reconstructing the Self in Select Indian Illness Narratives
Sonali Soni Psychology Educational Psychology
Subin T Daniel English Exploring the Unexplored in Jeet Thayil's Literary Corpus: A Postmodern Perspective
Sudipta Ghosh English Mimicry & Displacement and South Asian Literature
Suraj Das Sociology Food Choices and Climate Change: A study of changing dietary patterns in the state of Uttarakhand
Surender Economics Labour and Development Economics
Surya Prakash Verma English Exploration of Charlie Chaplin’s The Little Tramp Screen-persona in Select Films: A Postscript to The Myth of Sisyphus
Sushree Routray English Literary Feminist Phenomenology of Love and Ambiguity in Select Women’s Writing
Swapnit Pradhan English Ecology of the Global South
Swarnimaa Yadav Economics Development and Institutional Economics
Towseef Ahmad Wani Sociology Sociology of Development
Triloki Nath English Sexuality in Closet: A study of Same-Sex Desire in Select Novels of R. Raj Rao
Ujjwal Khobra English Posthuman Entanglements, Posthuman Bodies and the Anthropocene in Select Contemporary Indian Speculative Fiction in English
Utkarsh Kamal Sociology Sociology of Education
Varsha Singh Dadia Economics Efficiency and Productivity Analysis
Vishal Raj English Masculinity studies