List of Courses

All officially approved courses of the department are listed below. Students are also encouraged to choose courses from other departments, centres, and schools of IIT Roorkee.

Program Session Course Code Course Name & Syllabus Course Credits
UG_BTech_Yr1 HSN-001 Communication Skills
UG_BTech_Yr1 HSN-002 Introduction to Psychology
UG_BTech_Yr2 Both HSS-01 Economics
UG_BTech_Yr2 HSS-02 Introduction to Sociology
UG_OEC IHS-02 Psychological Basis of Behavior
UG_OEC IHS-03 Group Dynamics
UG_OEC IHS-04 Industrial Sociology
UG_OEC IHS-08 Entrepreneurship Development Strategies
UG_OEC IHS-09 Science, Technology & Society
UG_OEC IHS-10 Film & Literature
UG_OEC IHS-11 Identity and Contemporary Litearture
UG_OEC IHS-14 Fiction of Indian Diaspora
UG_OEC IHS-301 Positive Psychology
UG_OEC IHS-302 Introduction to Philosophy
UG_OEC IHS-303 Issues in Indian Economy
UG_OEC IHS-304 Macro-Economic Environment
UG_OEC IHS-305 Psycholinguistics
UG_OEC IHS-306 Psychology of Self and Personal Growth
UG_OEC IHS-307 Organizational behavior and Human performance
UG_OEC IHS-308 Gender and Culture Studies
UG_OEC IHS-309 Concept & Practice of Leadership
UG_OEC IHS-310 Psychological Basis of Behavior
UG_OEC IHS-06 Indian Novel in English
UG_OEC IHS-15 Creative Writing in English
UG_OEC IHS-315 Psychology of Social Interaction
UG_OEC IHS-316 Medical Humanities
UG_OEC IHS-317 Power and Politics in Contemporary India- issues
UG_OEC IHS-318 Society, Culture and Development
UG_OEC IHS-319 Partition Literature
UG_OEC IHS-320 Canadian Literature-Perspectives on Postcolonialism
UG_OEC IHS-323 Environmental Economics
UG_OEC IHS-324 Cognitive Ergonomics
Pre-Ph.D HS-902 Understanding Personality
Pre-Ph.D HS-912 Sociological Theories
Pre-Ph.D HS-913 Sociology of Indian Society
Pre-Ph.D HS-914 Sociology of Science
Pre-Ph.D HSN-902 Understanding Personality
Pre-Ph.D HSN-903 Advance Course in Social Psychology
Pre-Ph.D HSN-906 Advancement in Development Economics
Pre-Ph.D HSN-908 Research Methodology in Social Sciences
Pre-Ph.D HSN-910 Econometric Methods
Pre-Ph.D HSN-911 Research Methodology in Language & Literature
Pre-Ph.D HSN-912 Principles of Literature
Pre-Ph.D HSN-913 The Art of Fiction
Pre-Ph.D HSN-914 Poetry- Major Trends and Critical Appreciation
Pre-Ph.D HSN-916 Sociological Theories
Pre-Ph.D HSN-917 Sociology of Indian Society
Pre-Ph.D HSN-918 Sociology of Science
Pre-Ph.D HSN-919 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
Pre-Ph.D HSN-921 Advance Course in Organizational Behavior
Pre-Ph.D HSN-922 Environment, Society and Power in the Global South
Pre-Ph.D HSN-923 Brain & Cognition
Pre-Ph.D HSN-924 Sociology of Development
PG HSN-501 Technical Communication
PG HSN-502 Microeconomics I
PG HSN-503 Macroeconomics I
PG HSN-504 Mathematics for Economists
PG HSN-505 Development Economics
PG HSN-506 Money, Banking and Financial Markets
PG HSN-507 Microeconomics II
PG HSN-508 Macroeconomics II
PG HSN-509 Basic Econometrics
PG HSN-510 International Economics
PG HSN-511 Environment Economics
PG HSN-512 Advanced Econometrics
PG HSN-513 Public policy
PG HSN-601 Issues in Indian Economy
PG HSN-602 Introduction to Research Methodology
PG HSN-603 Industrial Economics
PG HSN-604 Ecological Economics
PG HSN-605 Financial Economics- Theory and Practice
PG HSN-606 Labour Economics
PG HSN-607 Advanced Topics in Growth Theory
PG HSN-609 Economics of Infrastructure
PG HSN-610 Efficiency and Productivity Analysis
PG HSN-611 Financial Econometrics
PG HSN-612 Resource Economics & Enviromental Valuation
PG HSN-613 Agriculture Economics & Policy
PG HSN-614 Institutional Economics
PG HSN-615 Innovation and Economic Policy
PG HSN-616 Linguistic Theory and Methodology
PG Both HSN-617 Handling Large-scale Survey Data