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A Legacy of its Own

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee ↗ has its roots in the Roorkee College, which was set up in 1847. It was renamed as the Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1854. The College laid the foundation of modern engineering education and the use of civil engineering practices in the infrastructure development of the country. It got elevated as the first Technical University of the country in 1948 through the University of Roorkee Act, 1947 passed by the United Provinces Legislature. On September21, 2001, the University was converted into an IIT by the Government of India through an Act of Parliament and recognized as an Institution of National importance.

Since 1966

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in IIT Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee) was established in 1966 with a vision to integrate human values and social concerns with technical education. Over the years, it has developed into a lively department, encompassing teaching and research programmes in the areas of English, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Fine Arts and related inter & cross-disciplinary subjects. Seventy two scholars have been awarded the Ph.D. degrees across different disciplines of the department. One of the notable achievements in recent years has been the expansion in research activities and exchanges of ideas, facilitated by the constant surge of discussions, consultations and publications in esteemed and high impact journals. Besides, there has been considerable progression of tangible and scholastic infrastructure which in process provides an impetus to its bright future.

Head of the Department

Anindya Jayanta Mishra

Professor of Sociology



साहित्यसङ्गीतकलाविहीनः साक्षात्पशुः पुच्छविषाणहीनः ।

तृणं न खादन्नपि जीवमानस्तद्भागधेयं परमं पशूनाम् ॥ 


The above-quoted verse very aptly indicates the value of finer sensibilities in one’s life. Hence, the education which only helps us grow mechanically, without sensitivity to human feelings and problems, is not only inappropriate but also inadequate and misguided.

Probably this thinking may have led to the idea of having a strong input of humanities and social sciences alongside the study of engineering and technology. The humanities and social sciences component acts like a vital cog in the engineering and technology institutions as it keeps the finer sensibilities and social responsibilities alive in engineers paving the way for a composite, sustainable and desirable development which venerates the environment as well as human sensitivity while promoting excellence in science and technology.

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Roorkee, established in the year 1966 with a vision to integrate science and technology with human values and social understanding, has taken giant strides by contributing significantly to the making of engineers and technocrats who are alive to and aware of their role in nation building and responsibilities towards mankind.

By imparting skill-based courses in Economics, English, Psychology and Sociology, the department endeavours to form well-rounded individuals. It targets both the timely and timeless needs of the students as it fills them with the much-needed job-ready skills and values that make them desirable as individuals. The Department has grown many-folds since its inception.

Apart from offering core courses in all its broad areas, the department also offers some optional and evening courses to the students of the institute. In the year 2016, the department started a two-year M.Sc. programme in Economics which has got a very enthusiastic response. Starting 2021, the department offers a five year BS-MS (Economics) programme with rigorous courses.

The department has a very strong research unit comprising over 100 students working in diverse areas of their core competencies as well as in the interdisciplinary domains. The department has world class faculty who have been contributing their research to renowned national and international journals and have significant linkages to the industry and other sister institutions.

It has a distinguished record in both teaching and research as many of the faculty members have been conferred with prestigious awards at national and international levels. Several faculty members serve on the editorial boards of national and international journals, as office bearers in boards and associations, review articles for journals on a regular basis, and organize symposia, conferences, workshops and short-term courses apart from offering NPTEL courses.

The department has excellent infrastructural support for carrying out quality research as it is equipped with state of the art Communication Research and Training Laboratory, a Psychology Laboratory, an Economic Database, Computer Laboratory and a well-stocked Department Library. I invite all of you to join this joyful academic ride together and enrich and get enriched by the meaningful academic exchanges.

Department Committees

Departmental Professorial Committee (DPC)

Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra,
Prof. S.P. Singh, Prof. Rashmi Gaur, Prof. D.K. Nauriyal, Prof. Smita Jha, Prof. Binod Mishra, Prof. Sanjit Kumar Mishra, Prof. Nagendra Kumar

Departmental Administrative Committee (DAC)

(Chairman) Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra,
(Members) Prof. D. Bharat, Prof. Pooja Garg, Prof. Rashmi Gaur, Prof. Binod Mishra, Prof. P. C. Mohanty, Prof. Diptimayee Nayak, Prof. Ram M. Singh

Department Faculty Assessment Committee (DFAC)

(Chairman) Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra,
(Members) Prof. Smita Jha, Prof. Nagendra Kumar, Prof. Binod Mishra, Prof. Sanjit Kumar Mishra

Departmental Faculty Search Committee (DFSC)

(Convener) Prof. D Bharat,
(Members) Prof. Sarbani Banerjee, Prof. Pooja Garg, Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra, Prof. Roluahpuia, Prof. Abhinav Tripathi (DoMS)

Department Web Management Committee (DWMC)

Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra, Prof. Ram Manohar Singh, Prof. Abhishek Samantray

Department Lecture Series Committee

(Economics) Prof. Shruti Sengupta, (English) Prof. Sarbani Banerjee, (Psychology) Prof. Manish Kumar Asthana, (Sociology) Prof. Roluahpuia

Department Research Committee (DRC)

(Chairperson) Prof. Nagendra Kumar,
(Members) Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra (HoD), Prof. Manish Kumar Asthana, Prof. Sarbani Banerjee, Prof. D. Bharat, Prof. Smita Jha, Prof. Sanjit Kumar Mishra, Prof. Roluahpuia, Prof. Subir Sen, Prof. Shruti Sengupta, Prof. Ram Manohar Singh, Prof. S.P.Singh, Prof. Pooja Garg

Department Academic Programme Committee (DAPC)

(Chairperson) Prof. Rachita Gulati,
(Members) Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra (HoD), Prof. Rishman Jot Kaur Chahal, Prof. Lalatendu Keshari Das, Prof. Rashmi Gaur, Prof. Binod Mishra, Prof. Pratap Chandra Mohanty, Prof. Diptimayee Nayak, Prof. Falguni Pattanaik, Prof. Abhishek Samantray, Prof. Tony Thomas

Department Purchase Committee

(Chairman) Prof. Anindya Jayanta Mishra,
(Members) Prof. Rishman Jot Kaur Chahal, Prof. Lalatendu Keshari Das, Prof. Nagendra Kumar, Prof. Diptimayee Nayak, Prof. Tony Thomas

Administrative Responsibilities

Representative, Institute Research Committee (IRC)

Prof. Nagendra Kumar

Representative, Institute Academic Programme Committee (IAPC)

Prof. Rachita Gulati

Representative, DORA Advisory Committee

Prof. Falguni Pattanaik

Member Secretary, DFC

Prof. Tony Thomas

Discipline Coordinators

(Economics) Prof. Subir Sen, (English) Prof. Smita Jha, (Psychology) Prof. Pooja Garg, (Sociology) Prof. Roluahpuia

Econometrics Lab

Prof. Pratap Chandra Mohanty


Prof. Shruti Sengupta

Language Lab

Prof. Sarbani Banerjee


Prof. Roluahpuia


Prof. Manish Kumar Asthana

Psychology Lab

Prof. Manish Kumar Asthana

Systems & Computer Lab

Prof. Abhishek Samantray


Prof. Manish Kumar Singh

Reach Us

The department is located in the main campus of IIT Roorkee at Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India.
Please find the address and location within campus in the map below.

How to reach IIT Roorkee

Roorkee is in the district of Haridwar (Uttarakhand), and is located on the banks of the upper Ganga Canal, which starts at Haridwar. Roorkee is well connected to Delhi by rail and road. It is situated on National Highway (N.H.) 58 (Delhi-Haridwar) as-well-as on N.H. 73 (Haridwar-Panchkula). Roorkee is approximately 175 km from New Delhi and it takes 4½ hours (max) by road. Several trains like New Delhi-Dehradun-New Delhi Shatabdi Express and Jan Shatabdi Express stop at Roorkee. The nearest airport is located at Jolly Grant, Dehra Dun. However, Delhi is the preferred airport.