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Areas of Interest
  • Sociology and Anthropology of Ethnicity, Nations and nationalism, Political Sociology, Sociology of Development, Tribal Studies, Borderland Studies
Professional Background
2020-07-20OngoingAssistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
2018-08-0110 months 18 daysRaghunathan Family Fellow (Post Doc Position)Harvard University, United States (US)
2017-07-131 year Assistant ProfessorCentre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), New Delhi
Multiple Posts
2019-06-201 year 10 daysFellowIndian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Honors and Awards
Raghunathan Family FellowHarvard University2019
Educational Details
Post Doc FellowSouth Asian StudiesHarvard University2019
Ph.D.Social SciencesTata Institute of Social Sciences, North East Regional Campus (NERC)2017
M.A.Development Studies Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai2013
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Devolution of Powers to the Existing Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) of ManipurTribal Research Institute (TRI), Imphal, Manipur.2017-081 year
State, territory and conflict: a study of land related conflict in the northeastern state of ManipurOKD Institute of Social Change and Development2014-061 year 2 months
Participation in seminars
NamePlaceSponsored ByDate
Resurgence of Nationalism: Citizenship, identity and belongingGovernment Aizawl College MizoramIndian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)2020-09
4th Modern South Asian Series Yale University United States (US)Yale University2020-09
Locating Northeast India Human Mobility, Resource Flows and Spatial LinkagesTezpur University Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)2020-09
Borderland Spaces Ruins, Revival(s) and ResourcesKyrgystan Asian Borderlands Research Network 2020-09
Dynamic Borderlands: Livelihoods, Communities and FlowsKathmandu Nepal. Asian Borderlands Research Network 2020-09
Re-imagining India’s North East: Networks, Narratives and NegotiationsJamia Milia IslamiaCentre for North East Studies and Policy Research2020-09
Understanding Nation: Issues and Comparative Ideas in the Contemporary ContextHyderabad Central UniversityIndian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)2020-09
Borders and Border Studies The South Asian PerspectiveSouth Asian University Association for Borderland Studies2020-09
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Special Lectures Delivered
Dreams of Independence: Vernacular Nationalism Among the Mizos of Northeast IndiaHarvard University, United States2019-01
The nation and its no(n)-violent history: Violence and counter-insurgency in Mizoram, Northeast IndiBrown University, Providence, United States2019-01
What's the matter with orality: the poetics of Mizo nationalism in Northeast IndiaMizoram University, India2019-01
Rethinking Mizo Nationalism in Contemporary IndiaHarvard India Institute New Delhi2019-01
Refereed Journal Paperst


1. Roluahpuia (2020). Whose border is it anyway? Control, contestation and confluence in Indo-Myanmar borderlands. Contemporary South Asia 28 (1): 74-86.

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4. Roluahpuia (2018). Hydro-nation, discourse, and discontents in northeast India: the case of Tipaimukh Dam, Manipur. Society and Culture in South Asia 4(2): 255-277.  


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6. Roluahpuia (2017). Media in Conflict or Conflict in Media: dynamics of ethnic conflict in northeast India. Asian Ethnicity 18 (4): 488-504. 


7. Roluahpuia (2016). Ethnic Tension in Mizoram: Contested Claims, Conflicting Positions. Economic and Political Weekly, LI(29): 21-25. 


8. Roluahpuia (2015). Political Turmoil in Mizoram: Resolving the Hmar Question.  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 31.  


Virginius Xaxa and Roluahpuia (2021). "Indigeneous peoples and the nation interface in India,' in G.N. Devy Indigeneity and Nation: Key Concept in Indigenous Studies (pp. 85-101). Oxon: Routledge. 


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